We are proud to offer all inclusive dog boarding

  Our standard dog boarding package for 1 dog includes:

  • A private indoor/outdoor (5x15) boarding kennel with a private doggy door to the outside where they are free to enjoy unlimited time playing with "like minded" friendly doggy friends in one of our three playgrounds.  


Also provided, and at NO ADDITIONAL FEE:

  • A "Kuranda" Cot in their Kennel to keep them off the floor,

  • Fleece bedding for snuggling,

  • A water and food bowl,

  • Two feedings of dog kibble (yours or ours) a day at 8am and 4pm.

  • If ours, we provide up to 3 cups/day of high quality/grain free dog food,

  • Wet Noses dog treats at bedtime

  • All the "G" rated TV they can watch when indoors

  • A non-barking, stress free, quiet facility - a smaller boarding facility does make a difference!

  • A climate controlled building; 70 degrees in winter and air conditioned in summer.

  • All the love, snuggles and baby talk they can handle from us!

  • 10% off all stays over 7 days.  (Holidays and peak seasons excluded.)

  • And last, but not least - Pictures (lots of pictures) posted of your pet on Wednesdays and Sundays on our photos page and our Facebook page.

You get all that for ... $49 Bones per night! 

(Your dog has probably chewed up more than that in shoes, I know mine have)

For families with 2 or more dogs; each additional dog staying in the same kennel: $35/night

Our boarding fees are charged by the night and YOU choose your drop off and pickup times between the hours of 8am and 6pm, every day of the week.  Overnight stays of 1 night (aka Slumber Parties) do have a 24 hour limit, otherwise a two night fee is charged.

Want more??...

We offer pickup and drop off transportation for your furry friend to and from Woods Creek Kennels as well as an exit bath.  

Those services can be found on our "Other Services" link.  We also have a number of other options for those "well thought out" meal plans and medication requirements.


Please email jodi@woodscreekkennels.com for more price and package information!