Let's get ready for Camp!

Now that you've made a reservation, this page will help with your checklist and any questions you may have to help you and your dog have a smooth transition before arriving at Woods Creek.

PROOF OF VACCINATIONS, FECAL FLOAT AND BORDATELLA can either be faxed or emailed by your vet or you can bring them with you when you come to board.  

Both the Bordatella (Kennel Cough vaccine) and a fecal float (for parasites) need to be done within 6 months of his/her reservation.  Its very important that the kennel cough vaccine be given at least a week prior to boarding for it to be in full effect.  All other regular vaccinations are updated every 3 years.  


Sometimes an oversight, but all dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered.

The REGISTRATION FORM (link provided below) can be downloaded and filled out in advance to save time when dropping off.  All pertinent information about you and your dog(s) is on this form and kept on their clipboard.  

DOG FOOD: We provide a high quality, grain free dog food and it is included in the nightly boarding fee.  We provide up to 3 cups per day with twice daily feedings.  We do not provide canned dog food.


BEDDING:  We have comfy Kuranda Cots and soft fleece bedding for your dog as well.  


Of course you are welcome to bring your own food, bedding, treats and toys if you feel it will make their stay more comfortable.  

SCHEDULE YOUR DROP OFF TIME:  We will contact you the day prior of your drop off date to schedule your time.  We are open 8am - 6pm, 7 days a week.  If you are brand new to Woods Creek we ask (but not mandatory) that you bring them earlier in the day so we can get them acclimated to the pack and exercised prior to dinner.  Because they're not familiar with us, we want their first impression to be that they're here to have a great time!

All drop offs and pickups are by appointment only.  You can choose your time, we only ask that you keep your appointment.  If you discover you will be late (or early), please let us know as soon as possible so we can let the dogs back out to play.  WHY, you ask?...because the dogs are brought inside prior to an appointment for safety purposes.  Dogs become very excited by nature when a vehicle pulls in the driveway.  This could become unsafe to have several dogs barking and jumping on each other during this type of stimulation.  Keeping the dogs safe and happy is our number one goal.

If you haven't visited us already, you are welcome to schedule a TOUR prior to your reservation. Tours are available 7 days a week during business hours.  We fully believe a 15 minute tour with your dog is always a great idea because they get to look around, meet us and it becomes a positive experience for them.  Once its over they go right back home with you but they'll remember it when they come to board.  I also like to meet your dog(s) if their temperament is an iffy situation - otherwise I dont require one.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell but if you have further questions, just let us know!!