Other Services...

Although we are an All Inclusive Dog Boarding Facility, we also offer premium add-ons for those who like a little extra TLC...



We offer pickup and drop off services from your door

to Woods Creek Kennels and back.  

The service is $55 per trip, within 40 miles of us,

and must be scheduled in advance at the time

you make the boarding reservation.

Exit Bath

Give your pup their own spa treatment prior to pickup 

and they'll be clean and ready for snuggles the moment you see them. All dog baths must be scheduled at time of boarding reservation and are given 2 hours prior to pickup.


Our prices are as follows:

Small dogs up to 20lbs - $20.00

Medium dogs up to 40lbs - $30.00

Large dogs up to 60lbs - $40.00

All dogs over 60lbs - $60.00 

"Nose to Tail" services 

Blow-outs, dematting, nail trims and anal gland expression. 

Please call for pricing options depending on breed, fur type and size.

For those "Well Thought Out Meal" plans

There are some who like their dog's meals prepared or administered above and beyond the standard scoop of kibble and/or their own canned dog food twice a day.  

If your dog's meals are prepared in advance in individual meal bags, we can store them in our refrigerator/freezer at no extra charge.  If additional preparation is needed, or more than two meals are required per day, or more than our kibble of 3 cups/day there is an additional $2.50/meal charge. 

Medications and Special Care

We are happy to administer medications and supplements to your pet up to 3 medications/supplements per day, per dog at no additional fee.  Each additional medication/supplement is $1.00 per pill.

Extra TLC

Dogs who need ear cleaning, insulin injections, IV fluids or arrive at camp needing wound cleaning/bandage changes are charged at $5.00/per instance.